High Level Cab Service

High Level Cab Services offers a wide choice of vehicles, from economical to luxury cars, vans, bus and loading lorry (Example: Dimo Batta) and 4 wheel drives, for you to choose the one most appropriate for your trip and traveling comfort. To help you on your way, all our rentals are competitively priced.

At High Level Cab Services, we not only pride ourselves on the quality of our service, but also on the careful maintenance and checks between each rental for all of our vehicles, thus providing our customers with excellent value for money. There’s no doubt that renting or hiring a vehicle from us will give you the complete peace of mind.

Comapny Name : High Level Cab Services
Address : No. 187 high level Road, Maharagama, - Sri Lanka
Telephone : 011 300 3 300
Mobile : 071 337 86 00, 072 755 41 41
Web : www.highlevelcabs.com
E mail :highlevelcabs@gmail.com
City : Colombo - Maharagama
Service Type : Cars,Van